Gubernatorial candidate Giovanni Feroce unveils goals for RI

Gubernatorial candidate Giovanni Feroce (WJAR)

Gubernatorial candidate Giovanni Feroce spoke to supporters Tuesday and unveiled his plans for Rhode Island if he is elected.

About three dozen people were in attendance, with Feroce laying out some ideas, including no more personal income tax, no more estate tax, as well as making Rhode Island a “Right-to-Work” state by 2025.

Feroce said the status quo should fear him.

“Entrenched politicians and their appointed enablers will be given a choice. Either work with us or you get out of the way. That's what's going to happen,” Feroce said.

He said the state will move forward by embracing block chain technology that restores privacy to the internet, which he said can replace many government functions.

But is he going to fund the government?

“First of all, you need to cut spending,” Feroce said. “So, if one looks at the thousands of jobs that can be eliminated and transitioned, that are government jobs – that’s why I harp so much on the block chain technology – if you look at how many jobs are in place just to collect revenue, just for transactional activity, from getting a title for a car to the issuance of a license, to move transcripts from one institute to another, al of these are now going to be taken care of from the block chain.”

As far as his personal financial situation, which has gone from millionaire to something less, he said he's not worried about making money, but about leading the state.

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