Legislation would make it easier to prosecute crimes involving explosives in RI


New legislation to make it easier to prosecute crimes involving explosives in Rhode Island is apparently on the fast track.

The action comes Thursday after a pressure cooker bomb was found off Hopkins Hill Road in West Greenwich in April.

Law enforcement sources told the NBC 10 I-Team their ability to prosecute suspects is hindered by loopholes in the law.

Speaker Nicholas Mattiello has proposed the bill, which updates the definition of a bomb to include any device intended to explode, makes possession of a bomb punishable by up to 20 years in prison, and eliminates part of the law that focuses on explosives placed in buildings.

“Much has changed since our explosives law was written in 1957,” Mattiello noted in a press release. “Today, unfortunately, the threat comes from powerful improvised explosive devices, and law enforcement needs to be able to spring into action before a potentially lethal incident occurs. These updates are needed to protect Rhode Islanders from the threats that exist in today’s world.”

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