Only on 10: Johnston mayor targeted in lawsuit

Mayor Joseph Polisena (WJAR)

Joseph Polisena has been mayor of Johnston since 2007.

He’s proud of his approach to politics, which he says is to call them as he sees them.

But his outspoken style has landed him in court.

Former Councilwoman Eileen Fuoco said the mayor’s behavior went too far at a town council meeting five years ago on October 15, 2013.

Fuoco is suing him because she said he showed a document with her social security number at the meeting, depriving her of her right to privacy.

He denied it.

Fuoco also said he slandered and libeled her at the same meeting by declaring that she was taking advantage of the taxpayers by filing for temporary disability insurance, based on anxiety and depression.

In court on Wednesday, two town council members were asked about the evening in question, but neither of them remembered seeing her social security number at the meeting.

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