Republican candidate for governor boycotts RI GOP convention

State Rep. Patricia Morgan boycotted the Rhode Island Republican convention, saying the process was front-loaded for Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, (WJAR)

Hundreds of Rhode Island Republicans gathered on Wednesday night to endorse candidates for the fall election, but a leading gubernatorial contender did not even attend.

State Rep. Patricia Morgan boycotted the event, saying the process was front-loaded for Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, who went on to earn the GOP nomination.

"It's rigged," she told NBC 10 News. "Mayor Fung has used old-style Democratic techniques to rig the process and corrupt the Republican Party."

Party Chairman Brandon Bell said Morgan is attacking the process.

"What was rigged was when Patrica Morgan was the chairman of the party and she rigged it for Lincoln Chafee over Steve Laffey. What was rigged was Patricia Morgan running for office in 2004 (and) helping herself to $4,300 in party funds. I want that money back," Bell said.

Morgan held a barbecue instead of going to the convention.

"I don’t care … I am going to take my message to the people of Rhode Island," she said. "They’re the ones who should make the choice, not some Democratic-style party leaders."

Supporters of the third candidate for the gubernatorial nomination, Giovanni Feroce, hoped their candidate would get some votes from Morgan supporters who don't want to support Fung.

Meanwhile, Fung is pleased he earned the nomination.

“We're excited to take the enthusiasm from every city and town and turn it into a great victory for good government and strong communities in 2018,” Fung said in a statement. “I'm so proud that we're uniting the party faithful and focusing our eyes on the big target: The Governor’s Seat.”

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