RI, Mass. electors cast votes for president

Rhode Island's four electors take the pledge to be true and faithful to the Constitution before the vote at the Rhode Island State House in Providence, Monday, Dec. 29, 2016. The electors are, l-r, Grace Diaz, Susan Weiner, Frank Montanaro and Clay Pell. Gov. Gina Raimondo is in the background.

Rhode Island's four electors cast their vote for Hillary Clinton for president during a historic ceremony inside the House Chamber Monday afternoon.

They also passed a motion, asking Congress and the president for a bipartisan investigation into Russia's interference in the election.

"This is about the integrity of the election process moving forward and making sure that we, as a state, are very clear that it is inappropriate for a foreign country to interfere in our elections," said elector Clay Pell, who ran for governor two years ago.

Pell had asked intelligence officials to provide electors with information on Russia's suspected meddling before they voted on Dec. 19.

"It's not too late to have a bipartisan investigation so that the American public can have the facts and this kind of thing never happens again," Pell said.

Clinton won Rhode Island with 54 percent of the vote.

During the ceremony, Gov. Gina Raimondo described the 2016 election as the ugliest and most divisive election in history.

"I know many of us are here today and this isn't exactly how we hoped to be feeling today," Raimondo said.

Vice President Joe Biden will read all the electoral college votes aloud before Congress on Jan. 6.

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