South Coast lawmaker pushes for robocall fines

A South Coast lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would fine robocallers. (WJAR)

A state lawmaker who represents the South Coast is leading the charge to crack down on robocalls in Massachusetts.

Rep. William Straus is sponsoring a bill that would fine robocallers $10,000 a call, plus an additional $1,500 if the person answering the call is 65 or older.

"You don't want somebody who's a bad actor to say, 'Well, you know what, I can tolerate small fines. It's just the price of doing business.' I want to make the price of doing this business even unacceptable to these people," Straus said.

The way the bill is written, the state attorney general would be in charge of enforcing the law.

Straus is a Democrat representing the Tenth Bristol District.

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