New England Sports Village opens in Attleboro

New England Sports Village officially opened its doors to its hockey facility in January.

The state-of-the-art athletic complex features three hockey rinks for all abilities, along with a training facility and therapy center, plus a Dunkin’ Donuts and a restaurant.

"The goal of the New England Sports Village is to make a better environment for the community, making youth activities more accessible and then making it more convenient for the families,” Co-owner Dave Boucher told Sports Team 10. “So, we are certainly on our way to building out amenities that makes it easier for the family.”

This week, the USA women's national team is in town training at the facility.

"I think it's just a phenomenal asset for us to have that here and to bring young girls in here to see and have mentors in heroes in the game just like boys do,” said director of hockey operations and former NHL star David Jensen.

This is just the very beginning of a $53 million project on 140 acres of land in Attleboro.

Next up are the aquatic center and hotel.

"It's an Olympic aquatic center. It's a 10 Lane 50-meter pool with to warm up warm down pools,” Co-owner Joe Fitzpatrick said. “It will be the only new 50-meter pool in all of New England.”

"The goal is to start the aquatic center within the coming months,” said Boucher. “We want to try and finish the aquatic center close to the end of this year. It’s not January of next year. Our goal is to open up the hotel in spring of 2018.”

They will then go on to construct the outdoor fields, as well as the field house and tennis courts.

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