Providence Bruins open up practice

Providence Bruins open up practice. (NBC 10 Photo)

First year head coach Jay Leach on hand the Providence Bruins first official day of practice. So far so good for the former Providence Bruins captain.

“This was our first I would say real day of practice where we are getting some system stuff in and we have enough bodies to have lines and we are getting something accomplished. Yesterday was good for some of the guys that haven’t skated in a while. Today obviously the guys from Boston join them and honestly it was a good skate,” said Leach.

This years roster also features 2015 first round draft picks Jakub Zboril and Zach Sensyshyn who will be making their pro hockey debuts this year after spending last season in juniors.

“I find myself sometimes straggling in the system. I was lost on the ice at some point, so I will have to get used to it and work on my game,” said Jakub Zboril.

“It’s been a great first day of practice. You get to soak up as much is possible, it’s been a lot of fun so far and I’m really excited for this year,” said Zach Sensyshyn.

The PB's will open up the pre-season on Friday in Springfield, followed by a home game Saturday at the Dunk.

“They are going to come here and they are going to learn how to play pro hockey in a good environment with good people and when they are ready and when they are cooked we will send them on their way, but until then they are going to work down here and get better,” said Leach.

The PB's will open their pre-season schedule this Friday in Springfield. The team will drop the puck on a new regular season on October, 7th from the Dunkin Donuts Center.

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