Patriots fans hold pre-Super Bowl rally in Foxborough


As the New England Patriots get ready to play in Super Bowl LII, fans held a rally in the team’s host town of Foxborough Saturday.

Members of the Foxborough Fire Department and Foxborough High School cheerleaders led a procession from Booth Field to the town common, where the rally was held.

"Wherever we go we win, we're doing our job," said lifelong resident Lynda Walsh, who helped organize the rally along with the Foxborough Jaycees and town officials, who also spoke to the crowd.

William Keegan described his four-year tenure as town manager in terms of Patriots wins.

"Four division titles, three AFC Championships, two Super Bowls, soon to be three Super Bowls," he said.

"Foxborough, home of the Patriots, we're just here to show the team our love," said 14-year-old resident Caitlin O’Connor, adding, "My toes are freezing but I'm still having good time."

The crowd also joined in unison to chant “not done" in support of the Pats.

Saturday’s video was being sent to the team in Minnesota so they could see it ahead of their Super Bowl.

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