Tom Brady confirms he'll be back this season

A still shot of Tom Brady taken from a Milken Institute interview posted on YouTube. (YouTube/Milken Institute)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady confirmed that he'll play this season.

Sportscaster Jim Gray interviewed Brady for the Milken Institute's "MIc'd" up series on Monday.

Brady has led the Patriots to five Super Bowl victories.

Brady said pursuing "the next one" is what motivates him to keep playing, but he said he'll know when it's time to stop.

"When I know that I can't contribute in the way that my team needs me to contribute," Brady said. "We're not trying to go 8-8. We're trying to win the Super Bowl. When you're trying to win the Super Bowl, it's a championship-level effort. It's a championship-level commitment that it takes."

"I think I can still do it," the quarterback said.

Brady repeated his long stated goal to play into his mid-40s, but apparently even he has a limit.

"Hell no, I'm not playing until I'm 56."

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