Artists burn giant sculptures as peace offering during Olympics

Artists are setting giant sculptures on fire as a peace offering to the Olympics. (SBG)

There's peace and calm at the Olympic Winter Games, which is what so many hoped for.

One temporary art display is set on fire as a peace offering.

Olympic visitors are wowed by about two miles of art, some of it several stories tall: wooden skulls, a Korean woman wearing traditional flowers and butterflies in her hair, even interactive art that allows kids to crawl inside for a moment to say cheese for mom and dad waiting outside.

And then the crowning moment when the artist lights up what he creates as an offering for peace during the Olympic games. Soon the fire glows, and the art collapses.

"The idea that we are burning all this beautiful art is beautiful to me. Because we all get to experience it and the memories will last forever, but the pieces themselves won't," said visitor Jacob Mooney.

The festival has rivaled any non-athletic display in PyeongChang.

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