NBC 10's Jared Pelletier feels the rush of the bobsled

The view from the bobsled on the track in Lake Placid, N.Y.  (WJAR)

In Lake Placid, New York -- the site of two previous Olympic Winter Games -- the brave can see if they have what it takes to be a bobsledder, including this reporter.

Safety first, as I put on a helmet.

We're starting about halfway down, and the sled isn't the same as what the pros use.

"They're a little bit different because we have the cushion and the athletes don't get the cushion," an instructor said.

It's a cold day and a fast track. The driver, the brakeman and I are ready.

In a matter of moments after the first turn, we're cruising!

Not Olympic bobsled speed.

"They hit about 85-90 mph," the instructor said.

But we're gliding along at about 60 mph. It's hard to not bounce back and forth inside the sled. Olympic athletes feel forces as high as 5Gs going through curves.

We reach the end of our run just a little less than a minute after taking off.

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