Spectators pay tribute to American troops in Korea

Thousands of visitors to the Olympics in South Korea are not only taking in the games, but also the history of America's military in Korea.  (SBG)

Visitors to the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea are hitting pause to honor the tens of thousands of Americans who died fighting the Korean War.

Before spectators get on a train to PyeongChang, many of them visit the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul to honor the American soldiers who helped create the stability we enjoy so the Olympic Games could happen in the first place.

Words aren't enough to honor the enormity of the sacrifices made on the Korean peninsula, but the memorial tries.

Inscribed in granite it says, "Our nation honors her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend their country and a country they never knew and a people they never met."

There are many powerful images at the war memorial.

The statue of two clocks features one marking the start of the war and one the current time. A third clock on the ground waits to start when and if the Koreans unify peacefully.

The names of tens of thousands of Americans who died in Korea are inscribed in bronze and granite.

Jeremi Trice is a U.S. soldier currently serving in South Korea.

"You read about the Korean War in text books and school, and you don't realize the magnitude of just how many people fought that war, how many people died in that war, how many people came before you and gave their lives for what they believe," Trice said.

The Korean War Memorial not only honors U.S. sacrifices, but also the sacrifices of U.N. member nations that paid so greatly along with Americans.

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