Visiting an ancient expression of faith on Korean Peninsula

The Bongeunsa Temple was built in 700 A.D. and refurbished in 1498. 

The practice of religion is robust in Korea. Since the start of the Olympic Winter Games, we have seen expressions of culture on the Korean peninsula in many forms.

The Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul was built in 700 A.D. and was refurbished in 1498. Ancient timbers are painted all the colors of the rainbow, and icons of faith stand in several buildings on the site. The granite statue that stands over it all is just one of the most amazing visuals.

About 4,000 Buddhist scriptures are written on various locations, and thousands of Olympic visitors and tourists come to touch an ancient culture and mingle at the intersection of faith and culture.

American Rob Petersen entered whispering, "Wow."

"This one takes your breath away when you walk in. The size of it and everyone in there doing the chanting," he said. "So often we are heads down in the moment, grinding through our busy days rather than stepping back to take a deep breath and focus."

Protestants and Catholics are also a part of the robust faith cultures in South Korea.

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