On the Slopes: ColdAvenger Face Masks

ColdAvenger Pro SoftShell Mask (ColdAvenger Photo)

Spending a lot of time outside in winter weather can be a nightmare for everyone's skin and exposed body parts. Prolonged exposure to cold air can present a serious threat to the body's vital organs and systems.

ColdAvenger has developed a few products that will protect your face and airway from the cold weather. The Expedition Balaclava and Pro SoftShell Mask are high-performance cold-weather masks to protect you from the frigid air.

The Balaclava combines the performance of breathable, all-weather-resistant fleece with their two-piece design to allow easy ventilator removal while providing maximum protection form the cold. The Pro SoftShell fabric is highly wind- and weather-resistant, making the Pro a great choice for winter activities. ColdAvenger products are engineered for cold weather recreation or work. The Balaclava covers your entire head and neck while the Pro covers your face, neck and ears.

Their ventilator is made with soft, durable, medical-grade plastic that covers your nose and mouth. The ventilator is designed to provide airway warmth and humidity, unrestricted breathing and facial skin protection, critical to protecting lungs and airways in cold weather.

The ColdAvenger, when worn properly, will not allow your googles to fog up. The Balaclava is contoured to fit beneath the goggles to prevent fogging. The hidden, cushioned wire over the nose bridge allows for customizable comfort. ColdAvenger's Balaclava and Pro SoftShell ventilator allows you to breathe freely without feeling claustrophobic. The ventilator design mixes inhaled cold, dry air with exhaled warm, humid air to achieve comfort around your face and airways. Both items will help you stay out longer in any cold weather.

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