On The Slopes: DPS Skis

On The Slops: DPS Skis

The same material used on the space shuttle and jet fighters is now being used on a brand of skis.

Wally Franco explains in this season's final episode of On The Slopes.

DPS, known as Drake Powder Systems, based out of Salt Lake City. DPS skis was developed because the creators were looking for a ski that would be characteristics of the skiing in which they were doing. So in 2005, founders Stefan Drake and Peter Turner got together and created DPS.

"What really makes DPs different from the type of skis that you find around the globe, the skiers today are stronger, faster. They're pushing the limits of performance. DPS is focused on developing performance skis. With the construction that they use. The materials which they use in their skis."

"The alchemist line has three full layers of carbon fiber pre preg. Which is used to wrap fighter jet wings, formula one cars and the space shuttle."

"the characteristics give the ski a lively snap rebound feel without all the wait. When you pick up a DPS ski versus a traditional ski in a relative same size, we don't have all the metal in the ski. The carbon fiber eliminates that and allows the ski to have a more responsive touch, feel, with a fraction of the weight."

These skis are extremely light and make skiing more fun with their ease of control and turnability.

DPS line has several categories that will suit every type of skier. We were able to ski DPS new line of skis, known as ALCHEMIST, before they are released this Fall.

"What's really new and exciting with DPS, is the Alchemist line. Which will debut in the Fall of 2017."

"We developed a type of ski for every style of skier. Whether it's the Lotus line. Big mountain, big powder. The Whaler family. Which is very versatile, powder skiing, front side skiing. With more rocker. The Casiar line. More of a front side ski. Less rocker. Longer effective edge for front side skiing. As well as the Tour 1 skis which are primarily for backcountry skiing."

DPS high performance skis are light weight and when you put them on, it makes you want to drive faster and push it harder. DPS's Alchemist skis have the highest power to weight ratios of any ski on the market.

"DPS skis are designed to be skied hard and often. The skis will perform after 350 days of skiing like day 1 of skiing. When you buy a DPS ski, it's a tool for your type of skiing...it's an investment in a product that you buy for the experience of whatever there is that you are doing."

For more information on DPS, head to turnto10.com. For On the Slopes, I'm Wally Franco.

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