On The Slopes: February Vacation

On The Slopes: February Vacation

February winter school vacation week is upon us once again.

Several New England ski resorts have excellent snow and nearly 100 percent of open terrain. What a difference from last year. Here are a few tips to help you on the slopes during February break.

Do your homework. Do a little research either online or over the phone. This will save you time, energy and money. Sunday River, like other resorts, has a quick tip that might save you some money.

Before you arrive to Sunday River, you're going to go to the website and find the special deals page on it. And that' going to outline for you what lift tickets promos our available, what lodging promos are available. We have packages that combine both lift tickets and lodging. So, before you arrive at our doorstep, that's where you want to go, to ensure that you get the best deal for your stay.

Another tip, might be to invest in a ski storage boot bag. Have your helmet, boots, goggles, pants, gloves and gear all stored in one convenient bag. This will provide quick and easy retrieval of all your gear. Easy to pack, and now you know where all your gear is heading to the mountain and have your gear packed for the next day.

Lunch early, or late. You'll have more slope space when the average skiers break for lunch around noon. Find out about local events or specials. Several resorts will stay open later and offer night skiing when available. Some resorts will have fireworks and special kid’s events. Weather is an important factor. Get the extended forecast during your week stay. Be aware of the temperature and the wind, make plans accordingly, especially with smaller children.

Dress in layers. It may be warm or sunny at the resort, but there is a huge difference in temperature at the bottom of the hill and the top. You can always take a layer off, but if you don't have any to put on, you're cold for the rest of the day.

But remember, skiing is supposed to be fun. You want your family to enjoy the vacation and be able to do it again. Year after year. For On the Slopes. I'm Wally Franco.

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