On The Slopes: Gear by Kulkea

The perfect ski day is full of fun, family, friends and the enjoyment of a day spent on the snow. But getting to the mountain requires a fair amount of planning and packing all your gear.

That's why you need a boot bag to conveniently carry, not only your boots, but the rest of your gear. Helmet, gloves, hand warmers, goggles...you get the idea.

Kulkea is a local company out of Westwood, Massachusetts, that has created snow products developed to get you on the snow quickly, easily and hassle-free.

"Everything we design, we think of what it takes from the path of a skier to go from the house to the car, From the car to the lodge. And all the way back again. That all gets rolled into our design and development of our product. It's very New England based. It's a really harsh terrain within which to ski and so our products reflect that," stated David Abramowitz, CEO and founder of Kulkea.

A good boot bag may share the same features, but Kulkea keeps the skier in mind.

"As skiers, we were designing products for skiers. And we are a premium product developer, so everything we do keeps in mind the needs of skiers. From functionality, to form, to performance...We're preparing and developing quality products that are really meant for skiers and really exceed their needs," said Steven Abramowitz, CMO and founder of Kulkea.

Some of Kulkea's popular products are the Boot Trekker, the Speed Pack, and the Tandem Ski Boot duffel to name a few.

"This is the Boot Trekker from Kulkea. It is the flagship of our Trekker series, which includes both the Boot Trekker and the Powder Trekker. They're built on what we call an intuitive packing system. What that means is that there is a place for everything you need to carry when you go to and from the mountain and back and forth again."

"This is our 54-liter Speed Pack. It's built on our open pack design setup where it allows you to hold all your ski gear access it easily and be able to view it or see what's in the bag, So, they can easily just grab it, pull it from the bag, use it and then put it back in the bag."

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