On The Slopes: Holiday gift ideas

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'Tis the season for skis, boards, and sleds. As temperatures begin to drop and the snow begins to cover the ground, it is definitely a sign that skiing and snowboarding season is upon us. If you're looking for some gift ideas for the holiday season, here's just a few:

Base layers are important to anyone out in the cold. A good base layer is designed to trap a thin layer of warm air against the body and it also works to pull sweat away from the skin, which is known as wicking. Falke has a wide variety of base layers for men and women. The women's long-sleeved shirt trend comfort offers optimum heat insulation thanks to it's interior plush. The men's 3/4-length ski underwear has been designed for athletic performance.

If you're tired of carrying all your gear to the car or lodge, Kulkea might have the ideal ski boot bag that you might want to check out. Kulkea Tandem ski boot bag is designed and compartmentalized for organizing two sets of children's alpine ski boots, helmets, gear and apparel. Two kids, one bag. The Boot Trekker is a large premium travel-ready ski boot backpack ideal for carrying ski boots, helmet, gear and apparel. Both bags will hold your helmet, gloves and most everything else.

For greater traction on ice and snow, YakTrax Pro is designed to provide greater traction on ice or packed snow. Just hook the front of the Yaktrax Pro over the toe of your shoe and stretch to cover the sole. They have high strength shaped edged coils made of durable steel. The 360 degrees of traction allows you to run, work on snow and ice.

There are plenty of outdoor activities in which you can get wet and keeping your equipment dry for the next day is essential. Boot dryers are becoming more portable and efficient.

DryGuy's Force Dry shoe and glove dryer eliminates unwanted moisture from sweat, rain or melted snow. Utilizing a gently heated air flow, the Force Dry shoe and glove dryer was able to eliminate wetness in about an hour. Restoring comfort, while increasing the longevity of your gear. DryGuy also offers a reusable hand warmer and phone charger combo. The Warm n Charge is a renewable electric hand warmer that doubles a a portable mobile phone charger. Simply plug it into any standard USB port to recharge the battery. It has two temperature settings -- low and high -- and fits easily into your pockets or gloves.

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