On The Slopes: Renoun Skis

On The Slopes: Renoun Skis

Known as the smartest ski in the world. Renoun skis adapt to any surface conditions and skiing style. The local company based out of Vermont won the coveted world class ISPO Gold award, just 3 months after launch.

Renoun is the first and only ski maker using HDT or Hyper Damping Technology. The technology changes the stability of a ski based on skiing conditions and skiing style. The backbone of HDT is a material classified as a non-Newtonian ploymer.

That Polymer, that special sauce inside of our ski. We call it HDT. It doesn't mattger what you call it....." "If you're going to mix them up, it's sort of like silly puddy. It's kind of goopy and soft. But if you were to punch it, it gets really hard...If you could take this same thing, and it was even partially true, You could put it inside of a ski, you would have a ski that is so incredibly stable at speed. So we decided to try it out, test it out, and put it inside of a ski. So what happened, as you ski faster, or harder, they become more stable and controlled and solid. Which is the opposite of what normally happens to the ski."

It's unique ability makes for the most versatile skis ever. Renoun offers two simple product lines. The Endurance and the Z-Line.

"The cool thing is it's matching conditions...So whether you're east coast or west coast, Japan, Switzerland, It's always ready to change. The Z90 is a great front carving ski. because of the full camber. It has a ton of contact on the snow at all times."

But how does a pair of Renoun ski differ from the rest.

"Every other ski in the world, when it comes off the production line, is kind of set in it's ways. It is what it is. Any of our Renoun skis. All of our skis has this technology inside. It really is changing and adapting to basically morph into the kind of ski that you need for that exact situation."

Currently there is only one way to purchase Renoun's gold award winning designed skis.

"The only way to get a Renoun is inline. We sell direct to consumer. Which means we have a great relationship with every single one of our customers. If you ever have a problem, you call us up and you usually get me on the phone."

Look for Renoun and there HDT technology in the future.

"Renoun doesn't just end in skis. It's much bigger than a pair of sticks to slide on the snow."

For more information on Renoun. Head to turnto10.com. For OTS, I'm Wally Franco

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