On The Slopes: Tips and gear

Thinking of heading to the slopes any time soon. We've got some great ski ideas that will make your day on out on the snow a little more enjoyable. When you're taking a break from hitting the slopes and heading itno the lodge to enjoy a warm hot chocolate or lunch, in this day and age we can no longer leave our skis or boards unattended. Here's an inexpensive tip that will keep your equipment secure while you take a break. Dakine's cool lock is a compact combination lock with a 37 inch retractable cable. You set your own combination and can lock up your skis. Just pass the cable thru your ski or snow board bindings and secure it to the ski rack. Dakine's Cool lock is small enough to fit in your pocket and the cable is long enough to lock up more than one pair of skis or snowboards.

It is extremely important to wear appropriate technical apparel, including socks, while skiing or snowboarding. A proper fitting sock in a reasonable thickness with good moisture wicking properties will make all the difference in the fit of your ski boots and overall comfort while out on the mountain. Avoid wearing more than one pair of socks. Also avoid wearing cotton socks. Cotton socks do not provide moisture or temperature control. Ski socks, such as Dakine Summit socks, are made of wool/acrylic blended face yarn for insulation and wicking. There is also reinforced nylon on the heel, toe, and extended foot zones for durability.

For extra warmth, there are several heated products out there. Some with bluetooth technology so you can operate your heat packs from your smartphone without removing it from your pocket or clothing. ThermaCell's ProFlex'd Heavy duty heated insoles and heat packs do have bluetooth technology. The Heated Insoles comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, a smart charging case, a wall charger, USB cable and a drawstring travel bag. It took two hours to charge and keeps your feet warm, not hot. It has three temperature settings. Fully water resistant and can fit easily into your shoes or boots. The ThermaCell Heat packs are thin and lightweight and also has three temperature settings reaching up to 116 degrees. It'll last up to six hours and is ideal for your pocket, jacket, pants or hand muffs. The rechargeable hand warmers are durable and can fit easily into your gloves for up to 6 hours of constant heat per charge. There are three temperature settings that can change at the touch of a button.

Hope these items will make your day out more fun and enjoyable.

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