On The Slopes: Winter footwear

OluKai waterproof boots (OluKai Photo)

With winter boots, you have to make sure you have the right protection for all winter weather conditions -- what you need for walking on shoveled sidewalks compared to shoveling your car out of the snow. The important factor is keeping your feet dry and giving your feet a good grip in any environment.

The primary reason your toes and feet may get cold in the winter is that they are wet, either through poor waterproofing or non-breathable materials that trap moisture in the boot. If you can keep your feet dry, you can prevent cold feet and toes.

OluKai, a Hawaiian-inspired footwear brand, offers a waterproof collection of footwear that provides comfort in a waterproof leather made specifically to prevent the entry of water and provide protection from the elements in any season.

The Kualono (translation is ridge of a mountain) waterproof boot is made of premium leather and non-wicking thread and sealing tape that avoids pulling moisture in. The TecTuff leather wrapping creates a rugged barrier enhancing its durability. The Wet Grip Rubber outsole is a specially formulated rubber engineered to offer exceptional grip in a wet environment. These rugged and versatile boots are ready to navigate outdoors in the rain, sleet or snow but yet comfortable for everyday use.

The Na'i, which means conquerer, is a waterproof shoe that offers the protection of a boot with the relaxed ease of a slip-on. The breathable waterproof membrane and waterproof leather provides the utmost protection to your feet. The outsole also features OluKai's wet grip rubber outsole for exceptional grip in a wet environment. The patented drop-in heel design also allows for shoe or slide functionality. It's a perfect combination of casual lifestyle and technical comfort.

OluKai's waterproof shoe and boot collection will keep your feet dry and will work well for any season.

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