On The Tee: Oakley Prizm


In order to play your best game of golf, you need to be able to do more than just see the greens. You need to spot the transitions between the fairway, fringe and rough. You have to calculate distance with accuracy and for this you need a good eye for grass textures. Oakley has developed a revolutionary lens called Prizm that enhances detail to improve performance.

I spoke to Tyler Korona, the general manager of the Oakley store in the Providence Place Mall, about Oakley’s Prizm glasses. “When you talk about Prizm, you're talking about unmatched clarity and contrast in specific light environments. So we make a Prizm lenses for pretty much every type of category of sport that you would want to do. For golf specifically we have engineered one that's really great on the course. Helps to read the undulations on the greens when you're up there on your short game. All the way back to the tee box where you can track the ball against the sky into the fairway with a lot greater ease”, explained Tyler.

With the Prizm lenses you can fine tune your vision to your environment. Whether for baseball, out on the waters, skiing or out on the course for golf, there's a lenses that allows you to see the details earlier, faster and deeper, resulting in an enhanced experience. The Prizm golf lenses reveal details that would typically be missed by the naked eye. This is what Tyler Korona explained about the benefits of the Oakley Prizm glasses on the golf course.

"It's a non-polarized lenses which allows you to see any type of glint or shine coming off of any surfaces, water hazards, or different pieces of the environment that could set you back a stroke. You're going to be able to pick those types of details out much clearer", said Korona.

While wearing the Prizm golf lenses you can separate shades of green, they are available in several Oakley frame styles. The Flak draft offer a comfortable feel during your round and the ear socks and nose pads keep glasses in place during your swing.

When you think of Oakley on the golf course, the first thing you think of is their high performance sunglasses. But Oakley is producing high quality, stylish golf apparel that offers great breathability and moisture management technology that won't inhibit your swing.

"The clothes line is fantastic. It's a 100 percent designed for your swing and comfort on the course. Most of our tops are typically either a poly-cotton blend or 100 percent polyester. Which makes them very breathable and combined with our O-hydrolix moisture wicking technology. It's going to keep you dry throughout the round”, responded Tyler in regards to Oakley’s clothing brand.

The Oakley apparel, as well as the Prizm glasses are loaded with technology designed to keep you comfortable on the course all while making you look and feel good. The golf Prizm lenses, with its distinctive pinkish/ purplish hue, might give you that extra edge your looking for on the course. For more

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