On The Tee: Titleist tours

See how a golf ball is made.

For the first time ever, Titleist is offering golfers the opportunity to visit the center of Titleist golf Ball technology. Titleist Ball Plant 3 in New Bedford, Massachusetts has opened its doors to the public and offers tours on Mondays and Fridays, free of charge.

The Titleist Golf Ball Experience will provide a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing and quality control process used in making the number one ball in golf.

Dan Gendreau is the Senior Director of Golf Ball Manufacturing at Ball Plant three in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He describes what the public can expect upon visiting Ball Plant 3.

"What we do, we greet them. We take them into our welcome center...give them a little background in terms of our history as a company. The fact that we've been making golf balls here in New Bedford for over 80 years. We're going to show them our process, which is literally an evolution of the best technology over those eighty years and advancements”, stated Dan.

From the moment, you step through the doors of Ball Plant 3, you're treated to a personalized tour where you'll experience firsthand the attention to detail that goes into making a Titleist golf ball.

Gendreau also stated, "they go on an hour-long tour of our facility. We go right from basically raw materials coming into the facility to finish golf balls being shipped out. So, they get to have some exposure to some of the most advanced process technology in the industry when it comes to making golf balls."

"We're trying to invite people in and expose them to our process of making golf balls. Which thru that advance process technology makes the most repeatable product, golf ball to golf ball. So, when golfers are pursuing scoring their best score, they can count on the consistency of the golf ball, one golf ball to the next."

In one day, Ball Plant 3, which makes Titleist's ProV1, ProV1x and the AVX golf ball makes over 300,00 golf balls a day.

To schedule a tour is simple. Just go to Titleist.com. Team Titleist and click on visit Ball Plant 3. Once you're registered for Team Titleist, you pick your date and time for a visit.

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