On The Tee: Travis Mathew

On The Tee: Travis Mathew

It's been almost 10 years since Travis Mathew hit the market. Since then, they have showed an ever growing presence not only out on the golf course but also in every day activity. The classic styling of the Travis Mathew brand translates perfectly to what is considered business casual. Each piece of Travis Mathew clothing is divided up into three Prestige 7 series categories.

The Prestige 77 (John and Kyle) series fabric will leave you comfortable all day long. The clothing is quick drying, moisture wicking and anti-odor. Ideal for any outdoor activity. Especially those sunny days out on the golf course. It's wrinkle resistant and the enhanced stretch material perfect for your backswing. The Livingston (Kyle) pants can be worn on and off the links. The classic fit and comfortable stretch are ideal for walking the course. The polo shirts are quick drying and enhanced stretch material not only looks good but is extremely comfortable. If the weather allows it and temperatures start to drop. Travis Mathews Strangelove quarter zip pull over is light enough to pack in your bag but more importantly, provides enough warmth without inhibiting your swing. It stretches well during your golf swing and does not restrict.

The Prestige 777 collection from Travis Mathews offers enhanced quick drying and lightweight garments that will keep you going out on the golf course, even in the toughest conditions. The clothing is durable and the garment is water repellant. Shorts are great for warm weather and do allow for slightly easier movement.

Golf is a sport where it is important to not only perform well but it doesn't hurt to look good on the course too. Be mindful of dress codes while playing the game. Most golf courses require players to dress appropriately while playing. Travis Mathew offers several options for out on the links but the clothing is stylish for everyday activity.

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