Boston Red Sox extend netting at Fenway Park for fan safety

FILE PHOTO -- Fenway Park in Boston. (WJAR)

During the 2018 baseball season at Fenway Park, fans will have added protection with extra netting along field.

“As you know, we extended netting for the 2016 season after Major League Baseball put forth new league-wide recommendations,” the Boston Red Sox noted in a letter sent to season ticket holders on Friday. “For the upcoming season, the existing netting system that is currently positioned from Field Box Section 29 to Field Box Section 61, will be further extended to cover a broader area.”

In 2015, a woman was struck with a broken bat and suffered serious injuries. Later that year, a man was also hurt when he was hit by a foul ball.

Netting had always been behind home plate, but not where the woman was sitting between home plate and third base.

Now, the team has installed more netting, extended between the home plate end of the home dugout, to the home plate end of the visitors’ dugout.

“While we are still working with our design and entgineering team on the specific dimentions of the new system, the additional coverage is expected to extend from Field box 79 on the 3rd base side, to the ‘Canvas Alley’ area on the 1st base side, around field box section 9.”

The Sox said their main goal is fan safety, while also encouraging fans to be “vigilant” during games.

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