Fans find Red Sox championship banner in middle of street

    Three Boston Red Sox fans said they found the team's American League East championship banner in the middle of a street in Somerville, Mass. (WFXT/CNN)

    The Boston Red Sox need one more win before they can claim the American League East championship.

    But somehow the team's victory banner made it into the hands of three fans.

    Louie Iacuzzi, James Amaral and Randy Baldasarri were out for coffee in Somerville Monday morning when they spotted the 2018 championship banner in the middle of the street.

    "One person ran it over and hit it a little bit, and then I'm like, 'Pull over. What is it?'" Iacuzzi said.

    "We thought it was jerseys or something like that, that's what it looked like, and when we unraveled it and seen what it was, we just knew it was something big," Baldasarri said.

    A Red Sox official said the banner fell off the back of a delivery truck.

    A team spokeswoman told The Boston Globe that the banner was later returned. While Iacuzzi initially told the publication, "We want to return it, 100 percent, but we would like to get something," they gave it in exchange for nothing.

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