Isner winning on and off the court at Newport

John Isner meets fans at the Dell Technologies Hall of Fame Open in Newport, Wednesday, July 19,2017. (WJAR)

No. 1 seed John Isner is making a name for himself in Newport as a two-time champion, but it's what he's doing off the court that is another reason why he's a fan favorite in Southern New England.

Isner has partnered with his sponsor Nulo Pet Food for the Aces for Animals campaign.

"I'm a huge dog lover, so every tournament that I play in in the United States, for every ace I hit, Nulo donates 10 meals to a local animal shelter. This week it's the South Coast Humane Animal Shelter in New Bedford, Massachusetts," said Isner.

This campaign means a lot to Isner and his English cocker spaniel Magill, both on and off the court.

"If I do well and make it to the finals, you can count on quite a few aces. If that happens, you can count on quite a few dog and cat meals for animals in need. It's a very unique sponsorship for me in something that makes me feel very good about," Isner said.

And so far, Nulo has donated 4,100 pet food meals to shelters across the country.

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