Champion in Action: Day One


Day One is on the front line of preventing sexual abuse and violence. And a major component of their approach is prevention education.

Day One recently launched an initiative that's focusing on middle school boys called Imentor.

"You have to actively think how you're behaving with others, of how you cherish your personal space of how you care and want to be cared for," Antonio Rocha, Day One prevention specialist, told NBC 10 News.

Rocha runs the program. And so far, he's found one of the most impactful activities involves personal space.

"You feel like it's a space you can go into and be yourself, and they're like 'yeah' and you see this incredible weight just being stripped and they're in the middle of 10 other boys and they're able to express that,” he said.

St. Andrews School in Barrington one of the first sites for Imentor.

Director of Middle school Alexandra McMullen says it's been valuable for their boys.

"I think a program like this because it's so focused on teaching boys healthy and positive behaviors, it really encourages our students to engage in conversations in a safe and healthy environment," McMullen said. "So, they begin to identify the traits within themselves that they need to cultivate in order to be good contributors to society.”

And in fact, St. Andrews was able to launch a similar program for its girls that was run simultaneously.

"I'm really excited to see how this will impact our entire school environment and culture in the middle school,” she said.

All of them offered free of charge because of Day One's Champions Grant from Citizens Bank...something Rocha hopes they'll always be able to do.

The ultimate goal of Imentor?

“Incredible goal, but it's to end violence, it's just to get young boys to become adults, we're not going to stand for this we don't want this,” Rocha said.

In addition to St. Andrews, Imentor also launched at the boys and girls club in providence, with plans for three new sites at the start of the new year"

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