Champion in Action Genesis Center builds tomorrow's workforce

    Genesis Center says it provides adult education, job skills, life skills and child care.

    Genesis Center in Providence was selected in January as the NBC 10/Citizens Bank Champion in Action in the area of workforce development.

    NBC 10 News recently dropped in on medical assistant training at the Genesis Center for an update. Students are nearing the end of their classroom work and are about to embark on an internship to transition them into the workforce.

    "My goal after this is to go into the chemistry area of and more of a laboratory working area," said Janele Knight.

    Knight is one of 20 students in this session. The size of this second class is actually double what it was the first time around.

    Many applicants told staff that they learned about the program through the Champions in Action public service announcement.

    "Thanks to Citizens Bank and Channel 10, we got the grant and the majority of people here learned about our training on Channel 10," said teacher Gienia Kocur.

    Genesis Center President and CEO Shannon Carroll said the recognition from the Champions designation has been a valuable stamp of approval.

    "There is so much student pride, so much staff pride, we've been bragging about it," Carroll said.

    In addition to the awareness, a big benefit of being a Champion in Action is the unrestricted funds. Genesis Center proudly displays a ceremonial check for $35,000 and is putting the money to good use.

    Such as supporting new technology they're introducing in the classroom, like Chromebooks they recently obtained through an education grant.

    "We're using Google Classroom, that's really transforming how we do our work. But the problem we encountered was our tech infrastructure needed to be improved. So, some of the money is going to help us improve our technology here," Carroll said.

    Genesis Center also just added Early Head Start to its programs, providing more parents with quality child care on site while they learn.

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