Changes to Channel 10, MeTV for over the air customers

Here is an important technical note now for our viewers who watch NBC 10 and MeTV with over the air with a digital antenna or a TV with a digital antenna built in.

On Thursday, some viewers may see an interruption in their ability to receive Channel 10.1 (NBC 10) and Channel 10.2 (MeTV).

This means you will need to re-scan or auto program any TV relying on a digital antenna for a signal.

Again, this is just on over the air TVs and it doesn't impact you if you watch NBC 10 or MeTV on cable or with a satellite dish or FiOS connection.

Unfortunately, every television set and model are different, so we can't tell you exactly how to re-scan your particular television.

How To Re-Scan Your TV

Go to the TV's menu system.

Look for a menu selection related to 'channel' or 'source.'

It may even say Auto Program.

You are looking to RE-SCAN or run AUTO PROGRAM.

By doing this your TV checks out what channels its antenna is receiving.

The process only takes a few minutes.

A video has also been provided for further details on re-scanning your set. How To Re-Scan Your TV

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