FAQ: WJAR's broadcast signal moving to Ch. 50

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What is happening?

Upgrades to the WJAR television transmitter will cause an interruption in SOME viewers' ability to receive Channel 10.1 (NBC 10) and Channel 10.2 (MeTV).

Who is impacted?

This only affects people who watch TV via an antenna. If you watch television via cable, satellite or FiOS, you will NOT be affected in any way.

Why Did NBC 10 and MeTV go dark on my TV?

You will be able to watch NBC 10 and MeTV again by the end of the month. Both NBC 10 and MeTV broadcast from the same tower. The broadcast antenna on the tower is being replaced.

Starting August 1st, WJAR began broadcasting on a reduced signal power. This is step one in the antenna project. If you cannot receive NBC 10 or MeTV this is because your television is now out of range for the reduced broadcast signal. Once the new antenna has been installed, you will be able to receive NBC 10 and MeTV again. This will be on or about August 26th.{}

On or about August 26th, the broadcast antenna on the tower will be replaced. This requires removing the old antenna and installing a new antenna. When this happens, every antenna television in the area will suddenly lose track of NBC 10 and MeTV. This is only temporary.

I've lost Channel 10, what do I do?

Before August 26th, there isn't anything you can do. WJAR will be on reduced signal power and if you cannot watch NBC 10 or MeTV, then your TV is out of range of the reduced signal.

Once the new antenna is installed, on or about August 26th, everyone who watches TV with an antenna will be able to rescan or auto program their channel line-up.

Unfortunately, every television manufacturer has slightly different systems. Because of the large number of different televisions, we cannot provide absolute specific instructions for YOUR particular set. But we can provide these general guidelines to help: Go to the menu system on your television. Look for a menu selection related to 'channel' or 'source.' It may even say Auto Program. You are looking to RE-SCAN or run AUTO PROGRAM. By doing this your TV checks out what channels its antenna is receiving. This process will take a few minutes. You only need to do this if you've lost NBC 10 and MeTV. There is a chance your TV will figure it all out on its own. If do have to do a channel line-up rescan, you will not need to do it again.

How will I know the new antenna has been installed?

The new antenna is scheduled to be installed on August 26th. This is weather-dependent. NBC 10 will run a publicity campaign to let you know, via radio and community newspapers, when it's time to try rescanning or auto programming your channel line-up.

Some newer TV's may pick up the new antenna signal on their own without you having to do a thing!

I'd really like the nitty gritty details

To get very technical, WJAR hasn't broadcast on channel 10 in years! Most VHF channels were eliminated during the digital television conversion. Instead, we broadcast on UHF 51, with a virtual channel identification of channel 10. In other words, your antenna TV receives WJAR programming over UHF channel 51, but tells you you're watching channel 10.

Now, to make way for mobile phone data, we're moving from UHF 51 to UHF 50. So our channel is changing. But our virtual channel will remain channel 10.

When our new signal turns on, and the old one shuts off, UHF Channel 51 will go dark. By re-scanning your channel line-up, your TV tuner will discover UHF channel 50 is broadcasting. At this time, the TV will receive the information to assign UHF channel 50 as virtual channel 10 on your set.

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