Four sisters share Tuesday's Child success story

Four sisters, once separated in foster care, have found their way back into each other's arms.

When you see these four sisters together, you know this is how it should be.

We first met Olivia and Tyceara when they were adopted by their biological aunt, Pam Harry. But their thoughts were still with their little sisters.

Paris and London had not yet been adopted, and Olivia said she worried about them.

"I always wondered if they were going to have a good home," Olivia said.

That's when Pam went to work on the congregation of her church, The King's Cathedral Church in Providence, to get the word out that there were two other sisters who needed a home.

She went straight to Vironica Anderson-Olawahlee.

"And I'm like, no," Vironica said.

Dotun and Vironica already had several children. But once they got to know Paris and London, they knew there was room for more joy.

"We literally have fun. We bake cookies, and it's a ball of laughs. Why are we laughing this hard over cookies?" Vironica said.

They adopted London and Paris.

The four sisters now get to see each other regularly at family gatherings and at church because religion is important to all of them.

"These girls had a tough start, re. This is their testimony," Pam said.

Their families know the importance of sibling connections to their emotional well-being.

"I give glory to God. God is good to us," Dotun said.

Blessing them with Tyceara, London, Olivia and Paris.

If you are interested in adoption, the number for Adoption Rhode Island is 401-865-6000.

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