Moms share their knowledge on fostering and adoption

Moms at the Village for Rhode Island Foster and Adoptive Families talk with Kim Zandy,  an adoptive mom of two children. (WJAR)

As much as she's loved by her fans, it's nothing compared to the adoration of 3-year-old Julian and 1-year-old Ariannah, who she fostered through the Department of Children Youth & Families and has now adopted--as a single mom.

“I always wanted a family. I always pictured myself married with children but Mr. Right never came along and I was tired of waiting for him,” says 92 Pro-FM radio host Kim Zandy.

So, she did her research, for years in fact, and then went to DCYF. After her training, and much to her surprise, she got not one, but two babies, an infant and toddler.

"When the caseworker came to my house, I was so nervous when she handed me the baby, I took my coat and threw it and it landed on a candle."

But never fear, the Mamas are here and they understand. Elaine Gabellieri, Kelley Fluette and Maya Colentuono, ready and willing to share their knowledge about fostering and adoption.

Their organization, the Village for Rhode Island Foster and Adoptive Families, standing by to assist parents, offering everything from clothing and emotional support to a sense of belonging.

And with that kind safety net..there's no reason not to became a parent, if that's what's in your heart.

“Most foster parents say I wish I would have done this earlier, including me,” Zandy said.

You can get in touch with the Village through Adoption Rhode Island whether you need help or want to volunteer.

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