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Three sisters adopted together make for Tuesday's Child success story

Sisters Bella, Sophia and Shannon and being adopted together. (WJAR)
Sisters Bella, Sophia and Shannon and being adopted together. (WJAR)
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Three sisters who we've featured before in our Tuesday's Child reports are getting ready to leave for their new home.

Sophia, Bella and Shannon are walking on air these days. They're finally being adopted.

We last saw these three sweet sisters two years ago when they bravely asked for a family to come forward to adopt them with one condition: They had to be adopted together.

The girls have grown up and thrived in a group home at Boys Town in Portsmouth, especially under the watchful eye of their caregivers, Ellie and Daniel Sheehan.

"I love Ellie and Daniel," said Sophia.

They took trips to the zoo together and celebrate the holidays.

But last summer, the Sheehans made a tough decision to move far away to be closer to their family.

The girls didn't understand.

"It was definitely a little sad and heartbreaking when they left," Sophia said.

"Leaving you guys with not being able to tell you right away what we were thinking was really hard, too," Ellie Sheehan said.

"We miss you to pieces. It's been like, too long," added Daniel Sheehan.

The Sheehans explained during a virtual family meeting that they always had a plan to come back for them.

"I'm really excited for you guys to experience what life is like for a normal family," Daniel Sheehan said.

This has been the girls' home for the past six-and-a-half years. So many fond memories.

"We sometimes would pull out our sleeping bags and have sleepovers," Bella said.

Now they're packing up for the best move of their lives, to join the Sheehan family, which already includes two brothers and a baby sister.

They have love and security to last a lifetime.

"It's nice to feel that something is forever," Bella said.

The girls will be living on a farm and will have many relatives around, including grandparents.

There are many sibling groups still waiting for permanent homes. To learn more about adoption, call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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