Tuesday's Child: Cranston couple adopts 4 at the same time

Kahleeb and Tanya Graham made a big decision to adopt four children, all at the same time.

Kahleeb and Tanya Graham made a big decision to adopt four children, all at the same time.

Biological son Aiden gave up his only child status to share his parents with three little girls and one little boy.

"The babies can be cute," Aiden said.

Kahleeb is a pediatrician.

"My dad, he's awesome. He's very strong," Aiden said.

Tanya is an educator who works at the Wheeler School.

"She knows how to handle five children," Aiden said.

They saw children who needed homes and wanted to help, especially children of color.

"At some point you say, enough is enough. Let's stop talking about this and let's do something about it," Kahleeb said.

Three sisters -- Alexis, Lari and Elena -- and 2-year-old Ethan all needed homes, so the Grahams went from a family of three to a family of seven in about three weeks' time.

"OK, now we need space and beds and furniture and a car that can fit all these car seats," Tanya said.

"We sold our Nissan Rogue, which I really liked, and I became a minivan guy, which I swore I would never do." Kahleeb said.

The family moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a bigger house. All of this, while the couple holds down demanding jobs.

Kahleeb is away part of the time, working on his fellowship, so that leaves Tanya with a houseful.

"Everybody might not want to or have the capacity to adopt four additional children, but everybody can do something," Tanya said.

They said they've managed with help from their friends and by accepting the fact that there's just going to be a certain amount of chaos in their lives.

There are many foster children still waiting for their adoptive homes. The number to call is 401-865-6000.

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