Tuesday's Child: 11-year-old Anthony looking for a good home

Anthony is looking for a good home. (WJAR)

More than 1,000 square feet of connected trampolines are just waiting for 11-year-old Anthony at Ty Law's Launch in Warwick -- no training needed.

"You need to have strength and you can't be scared because if you're scared you're not going to do it," Anthony said.

Anthony, who loves sports, teams up with Launch's Malcolm Rosa, who puts on a very good demonstration.

"He's really good at basketball," Anthony said.

Anthony follows right in his path, as he enjoys sports and being active. But he likes other activities, too, including origami and paper airplanes.

But you don't need a trampoline to make this child happy. He'd be satisfied to come home to the same house every night, to parents who loves him.

Adoption definitely is his primary goal. He’s looking forward to having a father.

"A nice dad. And he could take me out place and we could take a drive with each other," Anthony said. "I hope I can find a family one day."

If you can help, call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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