Tuesday's Child Fa-Lize shows artistic side at the beach

Fa-Lize showed her artistic side building sand castles at Conimicut Beach in Warwick. (WJAR)

It's a day in the sun for 8-year-old Fa-Lize at Conimicut Beach in Warwick. She's an active, fun-loving girl with some strong likes and dislikes.

Boats and birds, yes.

Bugs, no.

Castle, yes.

Crab, no.

So, maybe she's not a fan of the creepy, crawly but her DCYF social worker, Kim Marino, who knows her well, said she is up for just about anything else.

"She can adapt to anyone and anything and still be her charming self," Marino said.

You can see her artistic side emerge as she builds and then decorates her sandcastle and moat.

Fa-Lize would make a great architect someday, but we're learning she has something else in mind. Something culinary.

She wants to be a cupcake maker.

"So I can eat cupcakes too," she said.

She'd love to hone those skills with an adoptive family, in a permanent home, with some furry friends.

"Cats," Fa-Lize said. "A house that has cats in it."

Fa-Lize is looking for a family who can commit to loving her for a lifetime. If that describes you, give Adoption Rhode Island a call at 401-865-6000.

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