Tuesday's Child Jake is aspiring chef

Jake took a cooking lesson with Chef Walter Potenza. (WJAR)

Jake, a 16-year-old foster child, is determined to make it as a chef.

He heads to Chef Walter Potenza's cooking school on Federal Hill, where he learns about the joy of cooking from the chef himself.

"The greatest pleasure is to seeing people smile after you cook for them," Potenza said.

"I like to make them happy. That's my life's greatest wish," Jake said.

They get right to work making Jake's dessert, beginning with melted butter and sugar, and adding lemon and fresh berries.

"See how I do? Pick up from the outside and blend it in," Potenza instructs his young student.

Jake soon gets the hang of it, topping it off with cookie crumbs.

I've known Jake for several years. Not only is he about a foot taller, he's also matured.

When I interviewed him years ago, Jake described himself as a "handful." But he says he's mellowed now.

"It's definitely like the way I've been trying to respect other people. And I've been trying to work on my life's goal, which is hopefully getting adopted," Jake said.

If you can picture Jake in your kitchen, call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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