Tuesday's Child Jovahn wants to maintain ties to siblings

Jovahn is looking for a permanent home. (WJAR)

It's the quintessential picture of childhood: an 11-year-old boy swimming in the local pool, with an occasional "watch this" as he shows us how he can float on his back.

But for Jovahn and hundreds of local foster children like him, there's no mom or dad poolside cheering him on. So, he gives a shout-out instead to his friends back at the group home.

"Hi guys!" Jovahn said. "I hope you're excited that I'm on TV right now."

Jovahn's friends are important to him, but he hasn't given up hope of being adopted by someone who would keep him safe.

"Gentle, that shows good love," Jovahn said. "Yeah, guide me through things."

We've been following Jovahn's story for some time. We visited last year when he was decorating cookies with other children in state care. He enjoys traditions, especially when it involves spending time with his biological siblings -- an important connection for him that he wants to maintain.

"Because I had fun times with them that I miss. And I hope it can still happen when I get a family," Jovahn said.

If you're interested in Jovahn or other children in state care, contact Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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