Tuesday's Child Laurance shows charisma

Laurance is looking for a family that will his appreciate his interest in music.

It was Laurance's dream to learn to play the guitar.

After what amounted to a total of about five hours' worth of lessons, he's mastering Jimi Hendrix tunes.

Hasbro and One Simple Wish are funding the lessons.

Cam Van Marter at Ray Mullin Music School in Swansea sees the drive in his student and says Laurance recognizes that what he does after he the lesson is what counts.

"I just picture you going home and playing all the time, eating breakfast and playing right after that," Van Marter said to Laurance.

"That's about my day," Laurance replied.

It's more than playing a couple of songs. It's reading music and learning technique.

Laurance would be great on stage with his charismatic personality -- a trait that would also mesh with an adoptive family.

Parents who would be at least as accommodating as the people he lives with at his group home.

"They have yet to tell me to turn it off, but they have told me to turn it down," Laurence said.

And somebody who would appreciate his goal of becoming a voice actor one day.

Laurance, a real character, is looking for a family to call his own. The number for Adoption Rhode Island is 401-865-6000.

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