Tuesday's Child: Rivera family adds one more to the roster

Tuesday's Child: The Rivera family adds one more to the roster

This is the story of a couple that adopted two children at first, and then a surprise third child.

You see, for a while it was just Al and Donna Rivera alone, but they wanted children. So, as we showed you in 2009, they adopted two young children who were in state care: little Gabby and Jovany.

"Donna and I were quite set. We figured like most couples, we're done," said Al.

They were quite satisfied with their nice family of four. But then, the Riveras got a tip that a very attractive free agent might be available.

Her name was Natalia.

This 6-year-old is the biological half-sister of Gabby, and everyone agreed that it was a sisterhood bond that had to be preserved.

"We couldn't bear the thought that our girls might learn that they had an opportunity to grow up together and we didn't make that happen," Donna said.

So, the Riveras adopted Natalia, too. Donna and Al say no matter what comes their way in life now, the children give them joy.

"They're the love of my life," Al said. "They make me happy."

Although Adoption Rhode Island arranges sibling visits for foster children living in different placement, nothing beats living full time under the same roof, as Natalia confirmed.

"I feel loved," she said.

If you're interested in adopting, call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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