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Bombi Strollers

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Hey, We're Bombi

Pronounced: Bom-Bee

Welcome to our Hive, our little corner of the internet where we bring awesome parents together with equally awesome products & an even better community.

We’ve created Bombi™ for 3 reasons:

1. We absolutely love creating products (like, love LOVE)

2. We think parents are the most badass people on the planet

3. The products they push are boring, not to mention not doing a darn thing for the planet.

So we created Bombi™– to give rad parents equally rad products that you’ll not only feel excited to use, but fit your lifestyle, are built to last & most importantly, better for the planet.

We believe in putting the wants and needs of parents above all else & that these foundational non-negotiable brand practices not only support you & your baby on your journey today, but every adventure that awaits tomorrow.

Welcome to Bombi™ - For Everyday Adventures.

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