A spring-like day for the start of winter

December 2nd's afternoon high reached 59°. December 3rd will likely reach similar temperatures.

There's something to be said about the winter months. A crisp, frosty air with the chance of fluffy white snow. It all adds to a picture perfect New England backdrop. But there are a lot of folks that still want to hold on to warmer days...and Monday is helping!

We have discussed "meteorological seasons" at length in previous blogs. But here's a quick recap. Meteorological seasons are broken up into three month chunks and are designated based on the temperature cycle. Thus, Meteorological Winter occurs during the three coldest months: December, January, and February. But, if you were basing the whole winter season on the first few days of December, they're looking anything both cold.

Sunday was dreary but Providence hit an afternoon high of 59. That's 12 above average! The rain came to an end and Monday is just beautiful. Afternoon highs are going to stay near 60 and with mostly sunny skies, it's the perfect day to be outside. You'll want to take full advantage. Tuesday will quickly remind us of what season we're in, and the chilly conditions stick around for quite some time.

So which do you prefer? Tshirts or beanies?

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