A warm light at the end of a frigid tunnel


Let's be honest, it has been a brutally cold start to winter. For the first week of January (in Providence), 4 of the 7 days started in the single digits, 1 started below 0, and only 1 day reached the freezing mark. That's on top of the 10"+ of snow most of the region got on Thursday! But, there is good news just around the corner. For those looking for some relief, temperatures are on the rise.

The animation above is showing the range of temperatures through the week starting with the cooler conditions on Monday. Monday's highs will max out just at our seasonal average between 35-37°. By Tuesday afternoon, some will see the 40s. Hoping for the 50s? Just wait until Thursday. Wanting a taste of 60°? Friday has you covered!

If you're planning on getting out and about in the relatively warm January temps, I would suggest doing so Thursday. Friday looks to be our next weather maker with rain moving in. I want to stress rain because we'll be far too warm for any additional snow. The rain will actually help wash away some of the extremely high snow piles around the area.

Enjoy the 50s while you can, long range projections suggest we're right back to the 20s for our morning commute next week!

-Meteorologist Zack Green

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