After the arctic, now a winter storm

Watches and warnings for Southern New England

Now would be a good time to make preparations prior to the Winter Storm that's on the way. Blizzard Warnings are posted for Southeast MA particularly because of reduced visibility in blowing and drifting of snow. The technical definition of 'Blizzard' is heavy snow or blowing snow that reduces how far you can see when that value is less than 1/4 mile for 3 hours or more.

Those NNE winds 30 to 70 mph could bring down tree limbs, trees, and in turn power lines. Today, the calm before the storm, would be a good time to check your batteries or backup power supplies.

This will be followed by an even colder Arctic air mass than we've been experiencing since Christmas that will last through the weekend.

Temperatures, however, are expected to moderate early next week, then briefly another shot of Arctic air, followed by more moderation in temperatures.

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