As the wind eases, the rivers will crest

Rain totals reached well over 3" for many locations

The core of the strongest, most damaging wind continues to slowly move off to our south early Saturday. Although it will remain gusty the chances of damage from the wind gusts will drop as the worst wind moves offshore.

These were the peak gusts from Friday:

All of the rain from the Friday nor'easter continues to soak into the ground and into the river basins.

As this happens the river levels will keep rising, many not expected to crest until Sunday morning. In fact, the Pawtuxet River is forecast to crest at its highest level in just about 8 years this weekend:

Unfortunately SO many of us are without power and by the sound of things it may be a few days before we get it back. This was one of our strongest wind storms in recent years, very much like a strong tropical storm in terms of wind strength and damage.

Here are the links to the local power company outage maps:

Stay safe this weekend, Mark

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