Better snow for lower 48...just not New England


As you've probably noticed, the Fall months have been quite mild. In fact, 2017 ranked as the warmest October on record for all 6 New England states!

So, as you can imagine, snow really isn't on our minds as of now. But according to Capital Weather Gang (a leading resource in nationwide weather), 2017's overall snow coverage has been a stark difference from years past. Last year at this time, less than 1% of the continental USA had snow coverage and was ranked the lowest on record. So far this year, 22.9% of the lower 48 have snow.

Here in southern New England, we haven't seen any flakes. There are some showers expected between 1-3am on Friday, but with temperatures remaining in the 40s at that time, any precipitation will be rain. We all's just a matter of time!

Thanks for reading!

-Meteorologist Zack Green

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