Big changes in our weather starting Thursday

A mix of cold rain, sleet and some wet snow at times is likely Thursday afternoon

After back-to-back days with (record-breaking) highs well into the 60s and even lower 70s, February is about to return to a more "normal" state of weather on Thursday.

A cold front passing through Wednesday night will drop temps into the upper 30s by morning.

Low pressure will run to our south through the late afternoon, bringing a period of cold rain AND some sleet and wet snow at times, especially for inland areas where some wet snow is likely toward the end of the system.

Forecast guidance is on board with the possibility of some minor slushy accumulation for inland areas, especially on the grass by Thursday evening.

Certainly not a major system, BUT it could be enough to slow you down on the roads during the evening commute Thursday.

And if nothing else, a stark contrast to the spring-like temps of the last couple of days!

Thanks for reading, Mark.

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