Chilly tonight, bitter cold arrives Friday

Freeze warning for some and frost advisory for others near the coast early Thursday morning

Sure, some parts of southern New England saw a little wet snow mix in with the rain Tuesday night

But it will be an even colder night across southern New England with temps in the upper 20s to mid 30s for most of us Thursday morning:

The reason for the Freeze Warning and Frost Advisory focused only for coastal areas is because the growing season has ended for inland areas already.
But even as chilly as we expect it to be Thursday morning the coldest air of the season arrives on Friday.

That arctic air mass is dropping through central Canada as of Wednesday night and it will push through New York late Thursday and into our backyards Friday morning.
Temperatures will be at their highest around 4-5am Friday (in the mid 40s at that point) then as the arctic cold front punches through the temperatures will drop into the 30s and will likely stay there or even drop a bit more through the afternoon!

Saturday morning is shaping up to be the coldest morning of the fall season for all areas as lows drop into the upper teens to lower 20s for all of the area:

Indeed it is November and these temperatures are not at all unusual...but of course it has been such a mild fall up to this point. The first real cold snap of the season always comes as a bit of a shock, especially as many of us scramble to find the hats & gloves stashed away from last spring!

Bundle up & thanks as always for reading, Mark

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